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By Suburban Family Dental
May 15, 2019
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Do you have a damaged tooth? Adding a crown to the tooth can improve its appearance and function. Your Des Plaines, IL, dentists Dr. dental-crownsRoman Dziubyk and Dr. Lorelei Grise' of Suburban Family Dental offer dental crowns and other restorations and services that will enhance your smile.


How can teeth become damaged?

Your tooth can be at risk for damage if:

  • You received a blow to the face: Car accidents and sports injuries are common causes of tooth injuries and may result in fractures. Broken teeth aren't just unsightly but can be painful if the broken ends are exposed to the air.
  • You have a crack in a tooth: Even small cracks can weaken the structural integrity of your tooth. If you don't receive a crown, your tooth may break one day when you take a bite of an apple or a sandwich. Cracks aren't always noticeable. Luckily, your Des Plaines dentists can detect cracks during your checkups.
  • You had dental work: Root canals improve your oral health but can weaken your teeth. Crowns may be recommended to protect your teeth after one of these treatments.


How can crowns help?

Crowns are hollow restorations that slip over the part of your tooth visible above your gum line. In order to ensure a proper fit, your dentist must prepare your tooth before adding a crown.

Crowns offer several benefits, including:

  • Improved Appearance: Your new crown is made from an impression of your mouth to ensure that it looks like your other teeth. Crowns restore the normal height and width of teeth and can also be used to conceal imperfections or change the shape or length of teeth.
  • Reduced Risk of Decay: Bacteria can enter your teeth through small cracks and cause tooth decay. Adding a protective crown seals off cracks and stops bacteria from penetrating your teeth.
  • Stronger Teeth: Crowns reduce the risk of a fracture if you have a cracked tooth or have had certain dental procedures. Biting forces are absorbed over the surface of the crown, not the underlying tooth.


Protect your smile with dental crowns! Call your Des Plaines, IL, dentists Dr. Roman Dziubyk and Dr. Lorelei Grise' of Suburban Family Dental , at (847) 640-0778 to schedule your appointment.

By Suburban Family Dental
April 23, 2018
Category: Dental Procedures

How dental crowns from your dentists in Des Plaines can make your smile strongerdental crowns

Damaged and broken teeth can keep you from eating the foods you love. They can also keep you from looking your best. In fact, damaged teeth can cause problems chewing, which in turn can cause problems with your digestion, affecting your general health. You may have even stopped smiling because you are embarrassed by your damaged teeth.

It’s time to restore the health and beauty of your teeth and your smile. The answer is dental crowns! Dr. Roman Dziubyk and Dr. Lorelei Grise' at Suburban Family Dental in Des Plaines, IL want to share how dental crowns can help you and your smile.

Teeth are strong, but they can still suffer damage from everyday wear-and-tear, tooth trauma, and other factors. Dental crowns restore the strength of your tooth by covering the entire visible area of your tooth above the gumline. A dental crown is like a protective glove surrounding your tooth and holding it together. Some of the reasons you might need a dental crown include:

  • Age-related wear and chipping
  • Breakage from an accident or injury
  • A broken or leaking dental filling
  • A tooth that has had a root canal

You may also want a dental crown to enhance your smile. Fortunately, modern dental crown materials offer both strength and beauty. You may choose to cosmetically enhance your smile because of teeth that are:

  • Restored with large, old, crumbling metal fillings
  • Discolored or stained from medications, tobacco or coffee
  • Pitted or have enamel defects due to genetics

At Suburban Family Dental, they offer several choices of material for your crowns including:

Full porcelain, which provides the most natural-looking crown available; porcelain reflects light just like your natural teeth, providing a beautiful addition to your smile. You can even have your porcelain crown created and placed all in one appointment thanks to CAD/CAM Same Day Crown technology available at the office.

Porcelain-fused-to-metal, a PFM crown, which provides both strength and beauty; these crowns are created in a dental laboratory, so they require at least two appointments.

You can also choose conventional full gold, which is strong but not as natural looking. The choice is yours. To find out more about how a dental crown can restore your tooth, call Dr. Dziubyk and Dr. Grise' at Suburban Family Dental in Des Plaines, IL today!

By Suburban Family Dental
February 09, 2017
Category: Dental Procedures

As a child, you are taught to care for your teeth with regular brushing and flossing. While this is something many people do well with, dental crownsthere are still instances when your teeth become damaged or aged. Your teeth can be very strongly attached to your jaw and work well, but be in danger of damage. If you have a tooth that is cracking, chipped or discolored, dental crowns can help save your tooth. Dental crowns are an excellent opportunity to give your tooth a longer lifespan. With the help of Dr. Roman Dziubyk and Dr. Lorelei Grise at Suburban Family Dental in Des Plaines, IL, you can achieve this goal.

Dental crowns are a fairly simple concept that is affordable and effective in keeping teeth that might be in danger of damage or loss. If you have teeth that are well connected in your mouth and strong, but for cracks and chips, dental crowns can be put into place to create a stronger longer lasting tooth. The crowns are created using a mold of the teeth they are for and then placed on top of the tooth holding it all together. This process is typically pain-free and can be accomplished in one or two visits to your Des Plaines dentist. The crowns are closely fit in color and size with the natural tooth being shaved or prepared for the fitted crown. This ensures that the crown looks and fits appropriately in the mouth.

It is vital that you don’t wait to protect teeth with the potential of becoming damaged. Contacting Dr. Dziubyk and Dr. Grise at Suburban Family Dental in Des Plaines, IL, can make all the difference in how long you keep your natural teeth. Call us today at (847) 640-0778 to schedule an appointment and get started on a healthy, beautiful mouth. Your teeth can last if you care for them now.

By Suburban Family Dental
April 26, 2016
Category: Dental Procedures

While there are countless dental procedures for countless dental problems, saving the tooth’s natural structure is usually your dentist’s dental crownsnumber one concern. In many cases, it would be impossible to save and protect a damaged tooth if not for dental crowns. Learn more about how dental crowns can help protect your smile with help from your Des Plaines, IL dentist at Suburban Family Dental.

How do dental crowns work? 
A dental crown fits over the top of a tooth, completely encircling it. The crown’s structure allows it to protect a damaged tooth from all sides while keeping the tooth’s natural root intact. The first step of the procedure itself involves your dentist taking a mold of your mouth. A dental laboratory uses the mold to customize the dental crown, shaping it out of a block of ceramic. Since the laboratory needs time to create the restoration, your dentist places a temporary crown to protect your tooth until the permanent restoration is complete.

What can dental crowns do for me? 
Dental crowns benefit you in numerous situations, including:

  • to protect a damaged tooth
  • to stabilize a tooth with a large filling
  • to protect a tooth after root canal therapy
  • to change the appearance of a misshapen or heavily discolored tooth
  • to cover a dental implant, which replaces the tooth’s root
  • to secure a dental bridge in place

The Benefits of Dental Crowns
A dental crown prevents your tooth from requiring extraction and the side effects of a missing tooth, which can include bone atrophy, an effect on your bite and moving teeth. Dental crowns restore the bite’s surface, making eating and chewing less difficult. Crowns also protect a tooth from further damage. Lastly, and perhaps most importantly, a smile to be proud of is priceless. Dental crowns give your teeth a new, beautiful appearance, boosting confidence and giving you the smile you deserve.

For more information on dental crowns, please contact Dr. Roman Dziubyk, DDS, Dr. Marc Miller, DDS, and Dr. Lorelei Grise’, DDS at Suburban Family Dental in Des Plaines, IL. Call (847) 640-0778 to schedule your appointment for an examination today!