By Suburban Family Dental
April 15, 2015
Category: Dental Procedures

Root Debridement Therapy Let your Des Plaines, IL dentist help you regain healthy gums through this effective periodontal treatment.

No one wants to deal with the pain and frustration of gum disease. Bleeding, inflamed gums can make it difficult to even brush comfortably. However, if you are suffering from earlier forms of gum disease don’t just ignore your condition. Your Des Plaines, IL dentist can easily and effectively treat your condition before it gets worse.

What is root debridement therapy?

Sometimes referred to as root planing, this periodontal, deep-cleaning therapy is used to treat and stop the progress of gum disease. The goal of this therapy is to remove tartar buildup and to treat the infected tissue to return gums to a healthier state.

Why do I need root debridement therapy?

If your Des Plaines, IL dentist examined your smile and noticing signs of gum disease like bleeding gums, inflammation or tartar buildup, then chances are good that we will recommend that you have this periodontal therapy to help treat and heal your gums. If root debridement therapy is not performed, these earlier forms of gum disease can progress into more serious conditions, which can lead to tooth and bone loss.

What should I expect during my root debridement therapy?

This procedure is usually performed under local anesthesia to eliminate any discomfort; however, some patients may be able to have this procedure done with only a topical anesthesia.

Once the anesthesia is in effect, we will use specialized tools and ultrasonic scalers to remove calculus, bacteria and plaque from the root surface, which is below the gumline. We will also perform root planing, which removes any buildup on the surface of the tooth, as well.

After the tartar and plaque have been removed your teeth are more resistant to buildup, which means that gums will heal and become healthy and pink again over time.

How often should I see my Des Plaines, IL dentist for root debridement?

A lot will depend on how long tartar stays off of your teeth and gums. If your Des Plaines, IL dentist notices buildup, then we will recommend that you have root debridement again. Some patients will require maintenance treatments if they are more prone to developing tartar buildup or if their oral hygiene isn’t well maintained.

If you suffer from gum disease then you want to do everything possible to stop this illness from progressing and damaging your smile. If you want to find out whether root debridement therapy would be right for you, then schedule a dental visit with your Des Plaines, IL dentist at Suburban Family Dental.