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October 27, 2017
Category: Dental Procedures
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A toothache can ruin anyone’s day, especially when it begins out of the blue. However, your dentist can help you take care of your root canaltoothache and avoid extraction with a root canal. Do you need a root canal for your damaged or decayed tooth? Find out with help from Dr. Roman Dziubyk and Dr. Lorelei Grise' at Suburban Family Dental in Des Plaines, IL.

When is a root canal necessary? 
A root canal, also sometimes referred to as endodontic treatment, becomes necessary when the soft tissue, or tooth pulp, inside of the canals of the tooth becomes inflamed, damaged, or infected. This can occur due to several reasons, including decay, trauma to the tooth, a tooth weakened by repetitive dental procedures, or a crack, chip, or break in the tooth. A root canal removes the tissue from the tooth then fills the tooth with a composite material. Dentists often place a dental crown on top of a tooth with a root canal to protect it.

What does a dental crown have to do with a root canal? 
A dental crown is a tooth-shaped porcelain cap which fits over the top of a tooth. A dental laboratory creates the crown and customizes its design based on an impression of your mouth to ensure a perfect fit and natural appearance. The laboratory requires several weeks to prepare the crown for placement, meaning that your dentist may place a temporary crown until the laboratory completes the final restoration. The crown helps protect the tooth from further damage.

Root Canal Therapy in Des Plaines, IL
If you think a root canal could be the right dental procedure for you, you should consult with your dentist to ensure that this is the best treatment option for your situation. For more information on root canals or dental crowns, please contact Dr. Dziubyk and Dr. Grise' at Suburban Family Dental in Des Plaines, IL. Call (847) 640-0778 to schedule your appointment with your dentist today!